• Bulk Messaging

    • Distribution of Bulk SMS, MMS and Email to mobile devices
    • Standard, Premium Rate or Reverse Billed Short Codes
    • Media rich Message links
    • Mobile document Upload links
    • USSD strings
  • Document Management

    • Our industry-leading policy management system makes the
      complex tasks of writing, sharing, updating and attesting to
      policies simple & seamless, while helping organisations meet
      legal and regulatory requirements
  • Document Storage

    • Single-page documents in active files (eg. customer contracts)
    • Internal records (e.g. personnel information)
    • Regulated files (e.g. legal and financial documentation)

About Policy Portal


Policy Portal provides secure and reliable business critical solutions to help you with the task of information management within your business. Our full suite of proven document management solutions provide flexible, scalable information solutions to make communication, risk and compliance programs more effective – making them easier to manage and measure. We enjoy strong business relationships with companies in the financial, retail, telecommunications, education and medical industries around the country.

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Client Testimonials


We aim to provide our clients secure and reliable business solutions to help them with the task of information management within their businesses. This is what some of our clients have to say about our services:

It’s a pleasure working with Policy Portal… nice to see systems implemented quickly.
Barry MClient Testimonial
Partnering with Policy Portal was the best decision we have made for our communication management needs. Easy API integration and timeous support enabled seamless roll-out into our systems
Mark TClient Testimonial
Policy Portal has delivered timeously on all development requested. They are willing to go the extra mile and put in the extra hours to ensure that we as clients meet our deadlines. When launching a tech platform the ability to ensure that any issues are dealt with immediately gives us as owners tremendous faith in what we ultimately deliver to our clients and users. Policy Portal provide a true outsourced service and they are an extension of our business.
Mark RClient Testimonial
Policy Portal provides secure and reliable business critical solutions. Contact Us!